Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Abhay Aswal
A cartoonist who enjoys doodling. Enjoys writing, movies and art. And football. And sarcasm. And travelling.

The moment one catches the first glimpse of the majestic Kedarnath Temple perched at a staggering height of  3,500 meters, one could sense the...
Pahadi house

On June 2013, when Kedarnath floods devastated all what came in its way, a thriving rafting resort at Rishikesh was also devoured by the...
George Everest, Mussoorie

Perched on a hushed hilltop, few kilometres away from the tourist paradise Mussoorie, lays a legacy in ruins. The George Everest House (also known...
Memories of School Life Spent in Hills

 Eating 'Daal-Bhaat' in the morning  Day time school and uphill trek Daily classes in the school field 'Maas Shaab' and 'Gudji' is our Sir and Mam Plucking fruits...
10 Sweet and Salty Habits of Pahadi Moms

She misses our Pahadi friends more than us When she becomes Danvir Karna She forgets the world when Pahadi relatives come She can do farming even on...
Pahadi Food Habbits

We Love Phuka Hua Bhaat We know the perfect taste of Jaggery with tea Normal Salt? Naaaa Because Coke and Pepsi are too old fashioned Because Jakhya is...
Garhwali and Kumaoni Jokes

They are best cook in the world No seat? its OK, we know how to deal Serving army since world war - I All tasks are easy...
BRO Road Signs

Kripya Dheere Chalein Modon Per Horn Dein Is that a Plane on Road? Choose Wisely Drive, Don't Fly Hell or Heaven? Enjoy the Valley Don't Gossip, Let Him Drive You are Not...
Diffrence between cities and villages

The Mountain Package food or Fresh home grown? Migration v/s over population Childhood Games Health and fitness The Window The Morning Alarm Plants or Trees? Which one is more pure? School life
Basic needs in the villages of Uttarakhand

Sustainable Development Women Empowerment Small Scale Industries Good Governance Reverse Migration Holidays on Pahadi Festivals Reviving Ghost villages Basic facilities in Rural Uttarakhand Growing Cash Crop Train in Hills Gairsain as a capital