A mystical cave discovered in Uttarakhand while laying a road at Devprayag

Caves in Uttarakhand
Pic Source: amarujala.com

Uttarakhand which is blessed with unique geography and topographical features has many hidden places which are yet to be explored. Recently, a mysterious cave has been discovered in the pristine Mahad village nestled in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand. It is idyllically situated on Devprayag-Hindolakhal road, about 7 km from Devprayag. Surprisingly, this cave was not found while mining or archaeology but it was unveiled while laying a road at Devprayag.

On Tuesday evening, while constructing a stone wall behind the Government Inter College Mahadjali, a JCB operator was shocked to find a mystical cave while cutting the hill. On exploring it, two lingams along with the two statues of Lord Ganesha and an effigy of Sheshnaag was found. The Shivalinga and the figurines of Hindu gods are drawing the attention of many people. The locals are considering it to be a miracle of god and are visiting the cave for worshipping the deities. Meanwhile, the public works department is restoring the old Devprayag-Hindolakhal road.

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