Ten Classic Hits by Narendra Singh Negi Ji

Negi ji Songs

The legendary Narendra Singh Negi Ji has been entertaining us for years by producing one after another hits which have been admired by both the young and old generations. He is revered not only in Uttarakhand but all over the globe as different countries have honoured Neji Ji by inviting him to mesmerize the audiences with his breathtaking folk songs. The versatility of Negi Ji is that he is not only a renowned folk singer but also a great poet and a literary artist. To give a tribute to this great singer who has thrown a light on the rich culture and uniqueness of our very beloved hill state, Uttarakhand let’s go on a time travel journey and listen to Negi Ji’s classic hits.

1Sulpa ki Saaj

2Geet Lana Tandi

3Bol Chitti Kile ni Bheji

4Ghar Bati Chitthi Aegyayee

5Khojyali Min Khojyali

6Enni Holi ki Unni Holi

7Ghughuti Ghuraona Laigi

8Laska dhasko ma chali

9Teri Khud Teru Khyal

10Kanke Katelu Din

Songs selection and listing by Manoj Bhandari


  1. Narendra Singh Negi Ji is a larger-than-life figure and the greatest cultural icon in the modern cultural history of our Devbhoomi. His songs fill my soul with an almost unbearable lightness of life, the life of our hills, the life of our Uttarakhand! Thank you Negi Ji for everything! :)