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Amazing Pictures of Rainbow Spotted in Different regions of Uttarakhand

by Pragati Chauhan
Jun 22, 2016
As a child, everybody must have eagerly waited for the ‘fox’s wedding’ to happen it occurred when it poured heavily during the broad daylight. When it happened our parents would delightfully tell us that today you’ll be going to see a beautiful rainbow in the sky. We would dance on the terrace, splish-splash the water on our siblings and wait for the rainbow to come up so we could admire the glorious view of the precious tiara adorned on the clouds. So let’s refresh those beautiful memories by having a glance at some of the amazing pictures of rainbows spotted in different regions of Uttarakhand.

Rainbow over the pristine village of Gairar in Almora.

Rainbow in Uttarakhand's Hills

Pragati Chauhan

Pragati Chauhan

A writer by profession, thinker by choice and a nature lover since birth. I have always loved expressing myself through words, I believe words have a certain kind of melody which can be understood by anybody.

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