20 Most Popular Shiva Temples in Uttarakhand

Tungnath temple
Photo: Pradeep K S Bisht

Lord Shiva also referred to as “Bhole Nath” is one such Hindu god who treats all his devotees as one. He is the eternal truth and when one devotes himself to the worship of lord, feels contented and his chakras fall in harmony with the soul. Shiva is the ‘Gods of the Gods’ and is known as the one who bears the rage of a human and the calm composed nature of the tranquil winds. He is the divine energy, the protector and also the destroyer. If want to connect your energy with the lord itself, then pay your obeisance at these 20 most popular Shiva temples nestled in the divine Uttarakhand.

1. Kedarnath temple – Rudraprayag:

The imposing Kedarnath Temple is located in the Garhwal Himalayan range near Mandakini River in Kedarnath. It is believed that after the war of Mahabharata, the Pandavas carried a pilgrimage to the Himalayas via Haridwar for penance. They saw a glimpse of Lord Shiva from a distance but the lord hid himself from them. The Pandavas then advanced towards Guptkashi (Rudraprayag), and finally reached Gaurikund. Then a Jyotirlinga or a divine light flickered and Lord Shiva immersed from it. The Pandavas were blessed by Shiva and their sins were washed away. Lord Shankara then told the Pandavas, “From now onwards, I will remain here in the form of a triangular-shaped JyotirLinga. By taking a Darshan of Kedarnath, devotees would attain piety”.

Photo Source: Rôhít ßãñsâlâ
Photo Source: Rôhít ßãñsâlâ