Tehri Nath Designs

Tehri Nath Designs
Photo Source: Facebook Page of Nathuli नथुली - Uttarakhandi Nath

Nathuli is something that we Paharis can’t miss in a wedding. It is a big traditional gold ring embellished with precious rubies and beads. Every bride shares the similar passion for adorning Nathuli on her wedding, whether it’s Garhwal or Kumaon. As all the naths are beautiful but the one that has left people in awe of its artistic beauty and purity is the ‘Tehri Nath’ of Garhwal. Highly revered  for its beautiful stonework and particular use of Kundan, the Tehri nath is a mammoth size nose ring that is moulded in gold. It has elaborate designs such as motifs, bejewelled peacocks and other floral patterns engraved on it. This precious jewel is also considered as a part of the bride’s dowry in Uttarakhand as it is comparatively bigger and thicker than other naths. While, the Kumaoni nath is more simple and petite with a few stone pieces on it.

Tehri Nath Designs
Src: euttarakhand.com


  1. Do you have any hallmarked jewellary showroom in Delhi? If yest, please send me the complete address and contact details.
    Regards, K. K. Joshi