Traditional Jewellery of Uttarakhand- The Charm of Pahari Women

Tehri Nath
Photo Credit: Shashank Rautela

The beautiful Pahari women of Uttarakhand are fond of wearing jewellery specially crafted in silver or gold, adding grace and femininity to their personality. If you have ever visited the hills, you must have seen Pahari ladies donning traditional jewellery pieces such as Bulaq (gold or silver nose ring), Kundal (gold or silver earrings), Paunje (silver anklets) etc. The extravagant gold necklaces such as Hansuli, Chandan Haar, and Galobandh are also worn with great pride. But with time, these jewellery pieces are losing their identity as Pahadi women are getting more inclined towards the contemporary modern designs and the traditional jewellery pieces have become a rare sight. Now, most of the Pahadi women can be seen adorning the modern jewellery designs that are luxe and precious but lacks the elegance found in the traditional designs. So let’s revive the traditional Pahari jewellery by showcasing its lustre to the world.

1) Nathuli- Nathuli or Nath is the charm of Pahari women which is hailed for its elegant style. It is worn by the women of Garhwal, Kumaon and Jaunsar-Bawar region of Uttarakhand. However, the style and design may differ in both the region but its charisma remains the same. The nath or nose ring of a bride is the star attraction during the wedding. The weight and number of pearls inserted in a nath indicate the status of the family of the bride. Tehri Nath celebrated for its artistic design is one of the most distinguished ornament of Uttarakhand which is worn at the time of marriage, social gatherings, puja and at important family functions. This large piece of jewelry not only showcases the rich culture of Garhwal but it has also become a fashion statement which attracts a lot of Pahari as well as non-Pahari brides to wear it.

Traditional Jewellery of Uttarakhand