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Bedu Pako Song – From Uttarakhand to Globe

by Abhay Aswal
Nov 16, 2016

Fondly referred to as the cultural anthem of Uttarakhand, ’Bedu Pako’ is a Kumaoni folk song that has transcended the borders, languages, cultures and is now performed universally by those who appreciate and admire the rich and vibrant culture of Uttarakhand. This immensely popular song has been covered by various artists and dance groups all over the world and has led to many different versions of it.

Here are some of the popular covers of ‘Bedu Pako’ that are music to ears:

Bedu Pako baromasa original by Gopal babu Gosami

Bedu Pako on Bagpiper Instrumental

Bedu Pako Performed By Cantabile Youth Singers – CA

Bedu Paku at Timberline Middle School

Bedu Pako Seaga Version

Natarang Group Dance on Bedu Paku

Bedu Pako at IGI airport New Delhi

Bedu Pako by Mayank Kapri

Bedu Pako by Euphoria & Pandavaas Srinagar

Bedu Pako by falsetto

Bedu Pako By Rakesh Bhardwaj

By a flutist in the streets of Almora

Bedu Paku by Anushka Sharma and Garhwal Rifle

Why should boys have all the fun!

Abhay Aswal

A cartoonist who enjoys doodling. Enjoys writing, movies and art. And football. And sarcasm. And travelling.

4 Responses

Vicas Rawat Says

It was nice to see videos on social platform with details (worldwide) really appreciate your work bro. Keep doing good work buddy!!

Sunita Rawat Says

Well expressed abhay! Keep it up!!
And yes, world will recognize our culture when we will recognize it ourselves. Proud being a pahadi

Abhay Aswal Says

Thank you, Avantika. Being a proud pahadi ourselves, we are doing what all we could from our end to spread the beautiful culture of Uttrakhand. I appreciate your encouraging words. :)

avantika Says

Really appreciate your efforts to spread kumaoni /garhwali culture through social media…it is indeed applauding..best wishes