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Best Winter Destinations of Uttarakhand

by Manoj Bhandari
Dec 08, 2016

The Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas of Uttarakhand offers some of the best winter destinations of India. Famous for their unbeatable beauty, Uttarakhand is a paradise for those who want to get lost in the white layer of snow. Being situated on a favorable distance from National capital, Uttarakhand has some of the best hill stations to travel during winter. Experience the calmness of snow clad peaks, gushing rivers and hospitality of sweet People. Uttarkahand has everything to make your winters memorable!

Reason, why you should visit Uttarakhand to celebrate this winter:

  • Situated near New Delhi, which is well connected by most of the domestic and International flights. Not only this, direct trains to Uttarakhand is also available which hardly takes 5-6 hrs to reach Uttarkahand.
  • These all destinations are well connected by National Highways, so if you have a personnel vehicle then you can travel direct to any of these destinations.
  • Basic facilities and budget hotels for solo travelers are available.
  • These all locations receives snow fall! This is the best thing for those who never witnesses snowfall.
  • Enough options for outdoor activities to explore nature and wildlife without concerning about safety.
  • Shareable and public transport is also available to these destination so if you want to travel at a very low cost then choose Uttarakhand.

So guys, here are best winter destinations in Uttarakhand where you can go with your family and friends.

1. Auli

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Chamoli

Auli is situated in the lap of majestic Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand. This destination is famous for hosting international level winter sports. Tourist can enjoy the skiing and other adventurous activities here. Sitting on the chair lift and enjoying the white land scenic views of the Auli is a must do thing. Destination is good for youngster and couple as well. Accommodation facility at Auli and nearby settled town Joshimath is available.

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Winter tourism in Auli

Photo Credit: Kumar Ashutosh

2. Chakrata

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Dehradun

Chakrata is like gold in the house of blacksmith. A lesser known destination holding some of the best nature escapes. Playing hide and seek with the clouds, Chakrata is a hidden gem in the midst of tall Deodar trees. A clean destination which witness only few tourists because of its low popularity but in recent year, Chakrata left Mussoorie behind in term of best Hill Station. It has everything which a decent traveler want, like budget to luxury rooms, views of Himalayas, snow fall in winter, a small market, clean roads with less crowd and uncountable things to explore. Chakrata is good for all types of travelers like couples, family or friends.

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Winter tourism in Chakrata

3. Munsiyari

Region: Kumaon Himalayas
District: Pithoragarh

There is a famous proverb about Munsyari in local Kumaoni dialect i.e ‘Saat Sansaar aur ek Munsyar’ which means seven words but only one Munsyari. This proverb is actually true because because Munsyari is the only destination in the world which offers a view of five sister peaks i.e Panchachuli. Along this, Munsyari is a perfect blend of nature and Himalayas from where you can enjoy the kaleidoscopic views from rising to setting sun. Trek options is also available here. Those who are interested in village tourism can explore the local Bhotiya villages and their culture.

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Winter tourism in Munsiyari

Photo credit: Jhuma Datta

4. Chopta

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Rudraprayag

Chopta is one of the famous destination of Uttarakhand which is equally famous among trekkers and travelers. As this location is a part of Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary, it has lack of electricity facility but the hotel and tent owners offers solar energy lights and other options. But the one who visits Chopta, never sits in a room cause it is like a home in the midst of forest. From wildlife, green meadows, Himalayan peaks, Chopta has everything for a sensible traveler. As Chopta is situated at a height of about 9000ft, it has the highest possibility to experience snowfall. This location is one of the few location of Uttarkhand, where you can see the endangered specie animals just near to you!!

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Winter tourism in Chopta

Photo credit: Snehy Singh

5. Harsil

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Uttarkashi

Harsil is situated in the valley of Bhagirathi river, the only hill station which is situated on the bank of river. Harsil is famous for its Apple orchards. It’s a army cantonment area too and experience average tourists every year. For photoholic tourists, Harsil is a gold because of its waterfalls, river views, snow clad peaks view and for jungles. It is an ideal destination for couples.

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Winter tourism in Harsil

Photo credit: Hari

6. Dhanaulti

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Tehri Garhwal

Situated just 302 kms from Delhi, Dhanaulti is a destination for those who want a winter-cum-weekend destination. Mussoorie receives huge number of tourists every year so Dhanaulti becomes the second choice from them. Lesser crowded to spend quality time in a cozy and luxury rooms is something which Dhanaulti offers. And yes, views of Himalayas is always there on your window.

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Winter tourism in Dhanaulti

Photo credit: Shailesh Chauhan

7. Kausani

Region: Kumaon Himalayas
District: Bageshwar

Cocooned in the kumaon Himalayas, Kausani is a place which offers a panoramic view of multiple Himalayan peaks. Yes, it receive snow fall too. Accommodation facility from budget rooms to luxury are available in Kausani. In kumaon region, if your searching for a less crowded destination then go for Kausani.

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Winter tourism in Kausani

View from Balna, Kausani
Photo by: Dheeraj Singh Mehara

8. Mussoorie

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Dehradun

As you know Mussoorie is already a famous hill station of India, which is very near to Dehradun railway station and Jolly grant airport of Dehradun. Because it is the vicinity of the national capital New Delhi. It is still the favourite hill station north India. The winter line from Mussoorie is a sight to behold. Being a very popular destination, it provide all the facilities from budget to luxury. There are lots of places around Mussoorie to do outdoor activity. So if you are confused where to go, then do choose this one.

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Winter tourism in Mussoorie

Photo credit: Paul Hamilton/flickr

9. Nainital

Region: Kumaon Himalayas
District: Nainital

Being a popular hill station of Uttarkahand, Nainital receives record breaking tourists every year. It is very easy to reach this hill station as it is very close to national capital Delhi. Famous for its mesmerizing lake, Nainital also revives a good snowfall when it rains. This location is equally famous in all types of tourists. All the facilities are available here with lots of local attraction where you can visit.

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Winter tourism in Nainital

Photo credit: Amit Sah

10. Tehri

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Tehri Garhwal

Tehri is a newly developed hill station of Uttarakhand. This hill station offers a wide range of adventure sports activities. The place is famous for its giant shape lake or Tehri dam. All facilities for tourists are available at Tehri. This destination become famous between travelers because it is in the vicinity of Rishikesh.

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Winter tourism in Tehri

11. Mukteshwar

Region: Kumaon Himalayas
District: Nainital

In recent time Mukhteshwar became the favorite for those travelers who are seeking luxury services in the epic Himalayan location. From its magnificent setting to lavish Pahadi house cum hotel, Mukteshwar is gaining the popularity day by day. Road to Nainital are excellent in shapes which makes driving even more enjoyable. A perfect Himalayan town which offer everything to elite travellers.

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Mukteshwar a winter destination in Uttarakhand

12. Sankri

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Uttarkashi

Sankri is a traditional village or we can say one of the most beautiful villages of India. Village is known for its traditional wooden houses and epic culture & heritage. If you want a true aroma of a traditional pahadi village then Sankri is perfect for you. The best thing about Sankri is about more than 300 tourists visit per day in winters in Sankri so it has plenty home stays and hotel options. Sankri is also a base camp to some of the most epic winter treks like Kedarkantha, Har-ki-Doon, Bali Pass, etc

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Sankri - Winter destination in Uttarakhand

13. Kanatal

Region: Garhwal Himalayas
District: Tehri Garhwal

Kanatal is about 48 km far from Mussoorie, travelers who love to see mesmerizing Himalayan setting but hate too much crowd then Kanatal is for you. As Kanatal is very close to Rishikesh, Dhanaulti, Mussoorie and Dehradun, it has plenty of accommodation option from home stays like Pahadi house to deluxe hotels.  In recent time, Kanatal get attention from many foreigner tourist who visits Rishikesh. It receives a good amount of snowfall in winters and every hotel in the area is placed on distant and a serene location. There are plenty of things to do and tourist places in and around Kanatal.

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Kanatal - Winter destination in Uttarakhand

So these are the best places to visit Uttarakhand during winters.

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