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Soon computerization of Garhwali dialect will begin as decided in the meetup

by Pragati Chauhan
Jan 29, 2016

In the presence of about 20 honorary people, the first meetup of LibreOffice was successfully launched. LibreOffice is a free open source software office site which is quite popular among the people.

A computer will be designed that will run on the command of Garhwali dialect:

The most important aspect of this meetup organised by LibreOffice was that soon a computer will be launched which will run on the command of Garhwali dialect. This programme was hosted by Socialcorps, a renowned startup company and was held at its office located in Saket, Delhi.  Miss Kusum Rawat, a native of Garhwal was the star of this iconic event. She did a remarkable job of compiling a file which had some basic information about the language.

If such initiative will be taken then no sooner we will read articles, news and books in our regional dialects:

Some of the ancient languages of India are disappearing because as there are only a few speakers of it. In a survey, it was found that about 197 languages in India are on the verge of becoming extinct. From which Garhwali dialect is lying on its death bed ready to elapse in the earth. According to the UNESCO World Atlas, there are only 2, 75,000 speakers of Garhwali dialect.

The regional dialects will become renowned through computerization:

The famous linguistic and professor of Bhartiya Jansanchar Sansthan, Hemant Joshi said that computerization of these dialects will provide a much-needed boost to these dialects. He further said that such dialects should be preserved and Kumaoni dialect should also be localised.

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