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Good News: Doctor Drone comes to the rescue of Uttarakhand people

by Arpana Gautam
Apr 01, 2019

Doctor drone hovering in the sky of Uttarakhand

Many areas of Uttarakhand do not get medical facilities like ambulance, first-aids, and medications. Currently people of Uttarakhand are facing a lot of issues related to emergency medical treatment. The remote areas do not get the required services due to poor road connectivity and ill-equipped health centres.

To combat these issues, the authorities have introduced a brand new ambulance facility, “Doctor Drone- The Rescuer”.

The authorities have launched the drone in partnership with an Israeli company. The drone comes with excellent features and with high quality medical equipment and facilities. In case of emergencies, Doctor Drone will fly to the required location and get people on board.

“We have tried to use modern technology in healthcare to help people who need it the most. It was challenging and we are still working on the operations. We will soon announce the launching date”, CM of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat said earlier today.

It is an incredible news as this is the first time such an advanced project has been undertaken in Uttarakhand. Doctor Drone will start its operations as soon as the required clearances are completed, which will take around a month or more.

Finally, the plights of Uttarakhand people will be taken care of. Now even the remotest areas of Uttarakhand will have prompt ambulance services. Road blockage, poor network, and transportation won’t hamper the required emergency medical services.


Arpana Gautam

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3 Responses

Shubhadarshini Singh Says

How does a drone carry people aboard? At the most it can carry medicines . I maybe confused. Anyway has the facility begun?

haGar Says

I was very excited to see this news. But the tag turned me off.

Deepak Rawat Says

This is an excellent news! This will definitely help the medical fecilities in remote areas.