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eContent to be lauched by UGC having info about Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari dialects

by Pragati Chauhan
Dec 09, 2015

An online portal by the name of “eContent” to be launched soon by UGC which will contain all the information related to the languages and dialects of India. The people of Uttarakhand can rejoice as this online portal will contain all the history related to the dialects of Uttarakhand, including Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari dialects.

The dialects of Uttarakhand are going to enchant the world by its melody and speak volumes about its rich history:

Now all the dialects of Uttarakhand including Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari are going to narrate their rich history as Vishwavidyalaya Anudan Ayog (UGC) is going to launch an online portal by the name of “eContent”. The central government is going to launch a project called “Bharatvani” in which all the dialects and the traditions of Uttarakhand will be preserved in the form of online content. The portal will have the information regarding, all the written and spoken languages as well as dialects that are widely used in India.

According to the mortal survey done in 2001, there are 122 (listed and non-listed) languages and about 234 dialects that are spoken in different parts of India. This online portal will be a medium to restore these languages and to make them known all over the world, as they are a part of the rich cultural heritage of India.

The “Bharatvani Project” and “Open Knowledge Society” will be formed by UGC for giving an identity to the languages and dialects of India. All the facts, information and history related to these languages and dialects will be converted in multimedia format, which will be further uploaded on the online portal. UGC has asked all the Universities and institutions to join hands with this noble cause.

Source: Dainik Jagran, Dehradun

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