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‘eUttaranchal’s Clean Up Drive at Nun River’- A Mission which became an Anthem

by Pragati Chauhan
Jan 02, 2017

2017 has arrived and dear god, there couldn’t be a better way to bid adieu to 2016 than having a clean-up drive at Nun river near Santala Devi temple. It all started on December 30, 2016, when the entire team of eUttaranchal decided to get rid of the garbage that was lying carelessly around the Nun River, located near Santala Devi temple. And off we went, all geared up to clean up the entire place. With a few supplies such as hand gloves, rakes, and trash bags to dispose of the waste, the entire team of eUttaranchal started the cleanliness drive around the Nun River.

River Nun Clean-Up Drive by eUttaranchal

The clean-up began with our team members but later few more helping hands joined us

Everybody was thrilled to see us cleaning the river area which looked liked a dumping ground before, as people had thrown plastic bags, empty beer bottles, paper plates, cups, diapers and what not? Even the elderly people noticed our work and appreciated us for taking such a great step to beautify the place.

River Nun Clean-Up Drive by eUttaranchal

From toddlers to elderly women all participated in the drive

Mrs. Joshi who was over 60+, a teacher by profession and regular visitor to this place said that she had never seen any such cleanliness drive in this area ever-since and gladly joined us. And no sooner the other groups who were picnicking there also joined us and volunteered to clean up the area. Men, women, elderly and even kids helped in cleaning up a stretch of 100 metres. They also pledged to spread the message of cleanliness and educate others about keeping the hotspots of Uttarakhand clean.

River Nun Clean-Up Drive

Mrs. Joshi and our team members working diligently to clean up the area

A tiny idea that germinated and became an anthem for the people who once thought that the hot spots of Uttarakhand are only for merry making and spoiling their natural beauty, were left awe-struck when they saw the results afterward. We collected around 20 bags of waste that was thrown in and around the river.

River Nun Clean-Up Drive

And we should teach our children by actions and not by examples

The garbage was safely disposed of and people rejoiced at their victory. On seeing the before and after results, everybody realized how small steps can lead to a major outcome. Our in-house talent house, Abhay and Kaushal also gave a message to the people by painting Nada on the rock quoting “Kehti Hai Nanda Mat Karo Dharti Ko Ganda”.

River Nun Clean-Up Drive

Guys showing their graffiti work on the rock and giving us a message about cleanliness

Since ‘Change Begins at Home’ so let’s pledge to keep our environs clean by not throwing garbage on roads, picnic spots, etc. and not letting others dirty our safe haven. If you are a responsible citizen and want to make a significant change then come join us for our next clean-up drive that will take place in Jan. To know more about the drive, you can mail us at social@eutn.in

River Nun Clean-Up Drive

The million dollar smile after cleaning up the 100 metres stretch

Pragati Chauhan

A writer by profession, thinker by choice and a nature lover since birth. I have always loved expressing myself through words, I believe words have a certain kind of melody which can be understood by anybody.

6 Responses

Pragati Chauhan Says

Thanks for the love and support.

DandriyalAmit Says

Great work of cleanliness. It is our duty to keep the environment clean by which our next generation can proud on us by seeing neat and clean world.

Pragati Chauhan Says

We will surely fulfill your request, do stay connected with us :)

Himanshu Bisht Says

Excellence Job Hats off you to all E-Uttrakhand team , You guys are doing good social welfare work, I know one day you will get a mellow fruit of this welfare deeds. I pleased from your this acts.
Dear E-uttranchal team just post something about our Indian (Uttrakhandi ) Soldiers.

Thanks & Regards
Himanshu Bisht

Pragati Chauhan Says

We are also hoping so :)

s.s.bisht Says

Great initiative taken. Hope this drive will go a long way in awakening the mindset of the local people first who automatically ask the tourists not to spoil the beauty of nature god The Dev Bhoomi.