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Facing The Mountain: A Documentary on 2013 Kedarnath Disaster aftermath

by Abhay Aswal
Nov 18, 2016

After a highly acclaimed documentary, Lifelines, British filmmaker Ross Harrison returns to the mountains of Uttarakhand with his new documentary Facing The Mountain, which explores what it means to live through a disaster in a rapidly changing natural and social environment. The 20-minute documentary focuses on the lives of people after 2013 Kedarnath floods and how things have changed individually as well as socially for the people living in the valley. The documentary also explores the ramifications of pollution and climate change in this fragile Himalayan environment.

About the Filmmaker:

Ross Harrison is a UK based filmmaker who has made a name for himself in online video production, events coverage, documentaries and campaign films. His films have been screened at film festivals and have garnered numerous awards and accolades. Having been featured on National Geographic and The Atlantic, his film projects take him all over the world where he combines a compelling storytelling with immersive audiovisuals to create films that leave an everlasting impact.

Abhay Aswal

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