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Five Things that I learnt from the Female Travellers

by Pragati Chauhan
Feb 05, 2016

Why do you stay at one place and wonder about the beauty of the world?

Keeping aside the pro and cons of being an Indian goddess in this male eccentric society, let’s give a thought to the crazy duo of women and travelling. While some say it’s not safe the others believe that it’s unfettering.

Women Trek to Dayara Bugyal

There are certain things which make your soul dance and believe in your inner strength especially when you are young and wild and free. Travelling has always been freeing yet learning experience, as it makes you a free spirit and blending it with the beauty of women, the duo turns out to be perfect.

When you’ve got the wings to fly, then why do you confine yourself to a single box?

An avid female traveller will not think of the problems but she will count the possibilities and such are these five female travellers who have explored various destinations and has beautifully knitted their adventure in their words.

Women Trek to Dayara Bugyal

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, this phrase is absolutely true in respect to these women who have not followed the same old road like a lamb but have paved new paths for other women to look upon and wonder in amusement.

I think the motto of these “FIVE” ‘Fairly Impressive Visionary Enthusiasts’ must have been “Sparkle that purple dust wherever you go.”

1. One can break the stereotype only if you are daring enough:

Roshni Sharma: The first Indian Female Biker to Ride Solo from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. There are people who like to pave their way alone and Roshni Sharma is one such person. She has been conferred with the accolade of being the ‘First Indian Female Biker to Ride Solo from Kanyakumari to Kashmir’. Roshni who comes from a humble background started biking at a tender age of 16 and since then she has been drifting with the winds. Roshni believes that if a woman is determined to travel alone, she can break all the myths and stereotypes regarding women, she just has to be fearless, confident, vigilant and quick in making decisions. Now, this road star is ready to embark on yet another road trip to Thailand, exclusively for women.

Roshni Sharma

Roshni Sharma. Photo Src: deccanchronicle

2. Travelling alone is amazing yet empowering:

Deepti Asthana: A Solo Female Traveller, Yup you read it right, Deepti is a solo female traveller who wants to break the stereotype of women can’t travel alone. It may come as a shock to you that this gorgeous lady who seems to be in her twenties is married. Deepti is a face of change who instead of being married thinks that travelling is empowering and when one travels alone they learn a lot of things on their journey. If you are willing to overcome hurdles, then you are probably growing. According to her, travelling alone is a sign of a healthy relationship between a couple, who respects each other’s likes and dislikes and supports them anyhow. Deepti believes, when one travels alone they make new friends, becomes more observant and get closer to their inner self. In short one actually grows!

Deepti Asthana

Photo Src: tripoto.com

3. Birthdays are meant to special and so is the joy of travelling:

Delhi to Spiti, a roller coaster trip is one of the best gifts that Nilanjana Das gave to her 17-year-old sister, who was a step away from turning into a lady. These courageous souls have beautifully defined how age and money cannot stop you from travelling, even if you have a tight budget just plan accordingly and what you may think as a disaster can turn out to be a blessing. These two sisters who went for a three-week roller coaster adventure in the Himalayas had a skimpy budget; still they managed to trek for hours and survived on snickers. Their journey has not been a smooth ride as on their way they were attacked by vultures and eagles. They also dealt with hunger but with enthusiasm in their hearts, they were able to spot Himalayan Blue Sheep, Himalayan Sheep Bharal and Mountain Goats as they moved into the wild.

Women Trek to Dayara Bugyal

Photo Src: tripoto.com

4. Adventure doesn’t cost much it just needs to be planned well:

It’s quite astonishing to see that Pramati Anand managed to complete a solo trip to Triund, the crown of Dharamshala only in Rs 3,500 which isn’t enough to buy a nice dress. Her trip is one of a kind, from watching the cricket match in the terrains, sleeping under the cluster of stars, making new friends from different continents, watching the shooting stars in amusement and dancing with her own tribe, she had done it all. Had her conscience not allowed, Pramati would have been sitting in front of her laptop and imagining how it would be to go solo.

Women Trek to Dayara Bugyal

Photo Src: tripoto.com

5. Kashmir to Kanyakumari can be one hell of a journey if you are surrounded by equally crazy and fun loving people like you:

The Travelling Divas – Sunita Dugar, Parneet Sandhu and Neetha Jegan: This amazing trio hails from different places and shares equal interest for travelling. These three beauties travelled 5,000 km on-road from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, covering at least 800 km per day. While they faced a lot of hurdles like frequent car breakdowns, getting stranded, being surrounded by hefty armed men while having lunch in Chambal and losing mobile connectivity for more than 24 hours. Overcoming all their problems these three musketeers are ready to map the length and breadth of the country.

Women Trek to Dayara Bugyal

Photo Src: rediff.com

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