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You will forget Bollywood songs after listening to these Pahari Songs fusion

by Pragati Chauhan
Apr 16, 2016

Uttarakhand is famous for its culture and traditions which are followed by the Pahari people with zest. The traditional songs are famous for their mellifluous tune that has an essence of pahar. But the new generation which is inclined to the pop culture likes to hear modern music, to solve this problem the new generation musicians have invented a fusion of Pahari music with a western touch for the gen-ex listeners to embrace. There are many popular fusion artists of Uttarakhand who have blended the tuneful and sweet sounding Garhwali, Kumaoni, and Jaunsari dialects of Uttarakhand into a musical composition. If you want to have a sweet escape, then step on the ‘Fusion Express’ that will stop at the musical destination playing the best fusion songs of Uttarakhand so come along!

1. Ranchana by Pandavaas Group and Soudamini Venkatesh

Language: Garhwali

2. O Saathi by Jubin Nautiyal and Badshah on MTV’s Coke Studio

One more from Shashwat J Pandit, Pankaj Sati, Arpit Shikhar

3. Bol Chitthi Kile Ni Bhezi – Guitar By Shashwat j Pandit

Launguage: Garhwali

4. Hey Ramiye by Rajnikant Semwaal

Launguage: Garhwali

5. Kabhi Kabhi Sochdu by Anant Nad

Language: Garhwali

6. Jhan Diya Bauju Chaana Bilauri by Gaurav Pandey

Language: Kumaoni

7. Saat Samoder Paar by Rakesh Bhardwaj & Gandharva negi – A tribute to Late Chandra Ringh Rahi

Language: Garhwali

8. Ta chuma Ta chuma by Amit Saagar

Launguage: Garhwali

9. ‘Hit Dagadi Kamla’ Guitar Cover by Gaurav Pandey

Language: Kumaoni

Another Guitar Cover of Hit Dagadi Kamala by Lalit Rana

10. Bedu Pako Baramasa by Mayank Kapri

11. Sath Maya Ko by Pandavaas Group and Arvind Singh Rawat

Language: Garhwali

12. Meri Gaajna by Pandavaas, Purna films and Doom Singh

Language: Garhwali

13. Mann Bharmaige by Womenia Band

Songs selection and Listing by: Bhandari Manoj

Pragati Chauhan

A writer by profession, thinker by choice and a nature lover since birth. I have always loved expressing myself through words, I believe words have a certain kind of melody which can be understood by anybody.

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vikas chaudhary Says

impressive work done by you n rest of the artist . i’m very thankful to you all for connecting us towards garhwali songs n its beauty..

Chirag Pandey Says

I’m sure they can and will. I’ve nothing but the best wishes for them all. It’s always a great feeling to see one’s culture taking progressive steps towards the vast horizon and get noticed.

Pragati Chauhan Says

Thanks for admiring our work Chirag, these singers will soon take over the world with their melodious Pahadi music :)

Chirag Pandey Says

Kudos to all you guys! Such beautiful renditions of our pahadi songs. So much better than those songs in tuned voices which we have heard so far. Keep it up and be creative. I loved all the songs and wish you guys the very best of luck and success in your work! God bless you all!!

Ritu Says

Awesome!! Keep up the gud work!! Love from New Zealand..

Pragati Chauhan Says

Thank you :)

Ritu Says

Awesome!! Love from New Zealand!! Keep up the gud work!! :)

rohitash sharma Says

All are awesome……really….gud work

anuj sati Says

very nice job done by all. nice to see that we are also growing with time. change is demand of time

Pragati Chauhan Says

Thanks a lot Niraj and a big thanks to the wonderful singers who have created such great music.

Niraj kohli Says

A big thanks for all singers who appreciated and modified our kumaoni and garwali folk song i never herd it like before thanks to pragati chauhan she bring it for us thank u soo much aur rahi baat pehchan ki wo hamesha barkar rahegi pahadi hone ki :) :)

Arvind Mer Says

Comment:I like these songs very much

Pragati Chauhan Says

Your work is really amazing, we would love to hear more of your songs :)

Atul Sati ‘aks’ Says

Thanks a lot to include our song in this list. All the songs are Good.
It always motivate us to do some good work when a plateform like yours supports and inspires.
Keep listning to good music :)

Thanks a lot,
Team Anantnaad

Pragati Chauhan Says

You are welcome. P.S we have updated the changes regarding your name.

Mayank Kapri Says

Hi there..

Thanks so much for publishing my content.. Really glad that you guys noticed it and found it worthy of sharing via your website.
Please also do check out my other musical arrangements on my YouTube channel. They have been appreciated by the likes of Amit Trivedi & Sunidhi Chauhan.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel :) –

And just a wee bit of correction. My sir name is not really Singh, but I can live with it this time. haha :)
Thanks again for the honour :)

Pragati Chauhan Says

A big thanks goes to the singers who are keeping our rich culture alive.

prem bisht Says

Great work by u. I love my culture.my uttarakhand

सुनील नौगाईं Says

good work।

Pragati Chauhan Says

Each of these songs is phenomenal and shows how versatile our Pahadi music is. Do stay tuned with us to add more tasteful Pahadi songs in your list :)

Pankaj Gosain Says

Thanks for these wonderful songs, few were in my playlist and now number increased. And surely by these songs we will always in touch with our culture.

Pragati Chauhan Says

Sincerest thanks, I agree with each of your words.

Prakash Singh Says

Good Job..really nice initiative to revive the Garhwali songs & culture.
Untill n unless we see such initiative, our Dialect will extinct.

Pragati Chauhan Says

Thank you so much for the words of appreciation, stay connected with us :)

Paritosh Rawat Says

Good compilation pragati…really amazed after hearing fusion garhwali songs..

Pragati Chauhan Says

Hello, Pankaj the original video has been removed by YouTube, however, we have managed to find this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk0hRnqUHdo. Enjoy!

Pankaj Negi Says

i want garwali song ‘ Aa Bulanoo’ bt i m not getting it in mp3 or video. Can u plz suggest me how can i download it?

Pankaj Negi Says

Hi Pragati,
i love to garhwali song ‘Aa Bulanoo’ but i am unable to get it from youtube or any other sites for audio. Can u plz suggest me how can i download it?

Pragati Chauhan Says

I’m obliged sir, thanks for your kind words and happy reading :)

Bhupal Says

Thank you Pragati for providing all these wonderful information about uttarakhand together.

theth pahadi Says

Be bhag

Harsh Says

Think positive side as well Mr. Dinesh, we din’t need such comment… Kudos to all who made thes songs in new style..

Pragati Chauhan Says

Thanks Himanshu, we don’t have any youtube channel as of now but you can stay tuned with us to listen to more Uttarakhandi music.

Himanshu Says

I love folk songs and your playlist is well set. Do you have the same on youtube so that i can follow for updates?

Pankaj Gosain Says

Even thumbs up from my side too.

Pragati Chauhan Says

Sir, we should appreciate if somebody is taking the initiative to popularize our dialect. It’s their way of presenting the folk songs in their unique style, if we will not support them who else will? Don’t we want the new generation to embrace our culture and art form like our forefathers did? I firmly believe that these artists have managed to do so. Thumbs up from my side!

Dinesh Bisht Says

ek dam bakwass.
ye sabhi gaane bollywood style m hai,
kya hum logo ki apni koi paichaan nahi hai ???, hamari koi sanskriti nahi h??
agar hai to bollywood k piche kyu bhagte ho,