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Harnessing solar energy in Uttarakhand

by Pragati Chauhan
Mar 09, 2016

It’s is glad to see that Uttarakhand is taking necessary steps to preserve our mother earth by embracing renewable source of energy. The state will soon introduce new solar plants for promoting power generation in Uttarakhand. To initiate this plan, the Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA) will set up 2,000 solar power plants which will produce 44 MW of electricity using solar energy.

According to the UREDA officials, the campaign of setting up more solar power generation plants came when the recent directives were launched by the Union power ministry to change the power purchase rules of the Distribution Companies in India. In an interview, Arun Kumar Tyagi the Chief project officer of UREDA said, “The new rule will help in popularizing solar power across the country as the discoms will have to purchase it more.”

As per the new directives, Uttarakhand will purchase 8% power generated by solar plants which was limited to 3% earlier. At present, Uttarakhand boasts 23 power generation plants which are sufficient to fulfil the required 3% power purchase. “New solar power generation options have been worked out for all the states and under this campaign, the young entrepreneurs will be involved to enhance the total power generation capacity,” said Arun Tyagi. For meeting the guidelines provided by the Union ministry, new power stations will be set up in Uttarakhand. As per the statement of Arun Tyagi, about 2,000 power projects will be set up at different places which will be funded by the central government schemes. News

Src: TOI

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