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Lohaghat- The Spookiest Place in Uttarakhand

by Pragati Chauhan
Oct 15, 2016

In the sublime hills of Champawat district lies a minion hill station called Lohaghat which remains undisturbed not because of its quaint and comely surroundings but for a dark reason. At one glimpse, you won’t feel sceptical as the place exhibits a stunning landscape, offering arresting views of the Himalayas. But if you happen to visit Mount Abbott, you’ll probably have an eerie feeling as the place is said to be haunted and has been cited as one of the most haunted places in India. Yes, you heard it right this beauteous place which allures the visitors by its mystical charm has some deep dark secrets beneath that are ready to be unveiled. If you are in awe for the mysticism and wanna go for ghost hunting then do read the whole story.

An evil doctor called Morisson changed the way people looked at Abbey

A popular story associated with this place, states that a bungalow named “Abbey” tucked on the Abbott Hill was converted into a hospital in 1920’s after the demise of Mr. Abbott, which was the beginning of something fishy. Since the hospital was established as a charitable trust it was always flooded with patients, who came there for seeking good medical attention. But after the joining of a new doctor called Morrison, the aura of the hospital changed.

The mystery of “Mukti Kothri” and the wrath of local deities

In a short span of time, Morrison became the talk of the town as he had the powers of predicting others future, which only included announcements of sudden deaths. Whenever a new patient was admitted to the hospital, Morrison used to pay a personal visit and just by having a look he used to predict, whether the person will perish or die. Not just this, he used to tell the exact day of death and a few days before it, the patient was sent to a special ward called “Mukti Kothri” where he was found dead the next day. Till date, nobody has proved whether the patients use to die naturally or Morrison used to kill them to boast of his predictions.

Image used for representation purpose only. Source

Image used for representation purpose only. Source

As per the locals, Morrison used to perform some evil and gut-wrenching experiments on his patients, that’ll be better if not discussed as it will cause shivers down the spine. They also believe that the spirits of those who became the prey of the monstrous doctor haunt this place and nobody dares to step outside after dark. The ghostly sightings include ‘Bhoot Ki Daang’ where two spirits are seen walking on the road holding each other’s hand. According to a local lore, since Abbey was the first house of the region, the mishaps angered the local deities and they incurred wrath on the entire region, since then the place has never prospered.

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