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Heaven is for Real

by Bhupendra Singh Kunwar
Nov 01, 2015

By Arundhati Mehta

Heaven is for Real  

The moon followed our car, so did the sun, and the river accompanied us to our journey to Chopta. Clear sky, the green lushly trees, meadows, as the sun raised high up in the sky we could see the sparkling water in the river, the peaks looked like they were welcoming us to come and burry ourselves in the depths of the mountain. As we went deep within the hills we lost our connections with the outer world, Every time I travel to the hills it’s different and somehow I never get bored of it. The beauty of the hills is so different and mesmerising that it takes away all our thoughts and tensions of our everyday lives. There was a point when we were cribbing about not being able to see the ‘sangam’ or the confluence of two rivers at Rudraprayag and as we got into our rooms of the hotel from the balcony we could see the sangam right beneath us, the happiness felt at that moment cannot be described into words.

The point of confluence of the rivers, Alaknanda and Mandakini at Rudraprayag

We started the next day and reached Magpie camp where we could see the ranges behind us fully covered with snow. Just lying on one of the meadows and looking at the clear sky, I could see the life I live in a city and how I was here now without any connections from the world, it felt like we were in a totally different world next to heaven. Every turn our car took brought us a different and a new look of the mountains. This is where I realized that heaven is for real. The air that I was breathing was so pure that it brought joy to my lungs. That is when I felt that it is here where the humans actually get scared of the power of nature which is supreme. A man standing in the middle of the hills realizes how small a creature he is and how vast is the power of nature, which we don’t see in our daily lives in cities.

No matter how many times you visit this place, it will always appear different#MagpieCamp

The last night that we spent in Chopta the local people there served us soup and arranged a bon fire for us which were there token of love for us. When we had a hearty talk with them they told us that they know there is a lot of option for them to leave this place and settled out somewhere where they’ll do well, earn well but here is where their hearts lie, even if they go out somewhere to settle down they come back again to Chopta because nothing and no place in the world can be like what this is.

Never wanted to leave but had no choice, now this is what I dream of each night when I feel exhausted 

Seeing the love in the hearts of the local-ites here was really touching where in our daily lifestyle we forget that there exist people who are selfless and who can do anything to make u feel comfortable even if they don’t know anything about you just because you come to visit them they get so happy that they treat you like a part of their family.

Crossing this stream everyday in the morning would make our eyes watery just because we did not have any other option than to leave the beauty here and take the memories with us.

Bhupendra Singh Kunwar

Founder, eUttaranchal.com

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