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Hill Folk of Uttarakhand helping Tourists during Currency Ban Chaos

by Pragati Chauhan
Nov 17, 2016

Whether you are living under a rock on an exotic island, we all are well aware of how people are thronging the ATM’s and banks after the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. The situation in the cities is such that nobody is ready to accept these notes whilst the hills of Uttarakhand present a different story. Where you cannot find a single ATM even after covering miles on foot, where getting your money exchanged is not an easy task as the banks are situated in the remotest areas still the villagers of Uttarakhand are trying to make things better for the tourists by uniting together to combat the currency ban situation.

In the wake of the currency ban situation, the people residing in the Uttarakhand hills are on their toes to help the tourists in the best possible ways-:

  • In some places, local shopkeepers are not charging money from tourists to buy milk for infants and children.
  • At times when vendors are not accepting the old currency from tourists, the locals are exchanging money for 100 rupee denominations or are paying their bills for food and travel.
  • In villages, people are helping the elders by taking their old 500 and 1000 rupee notes and giving them new currency or 100 rupee notes so they don’t have to visit the banks.
  • Even the poor service providers such as porters and local tourist guides who don’t make much money are reaching out for help. They are taking care of the tourists by offering food, shelter for free and relying on their words to pay back the money later. On the other hand, some of the tourists have found a solution to the problem by taking the bank details of the service providers and asking their family or friends to deposit money in their account.
  • Even the marriages are being conducted happily just because of the good Samaritans who are willing to help and cooperate with each other to tackle the situation with ease, rather than creating an issue out of it.
  • Winning our hearts with their courteousness, these simple villagers of Uttarakhand have set an example for the people living in the cities to take some lesson and unite together to make a change.

Pragati Chauhan

A writer by profession, thinker by choice and a nature lover since birth. I have always loved expressing myself through words, I believe words have a certain kind of melody which can be understood by anybody.

2 Responses

Pragati Chauhan Says

They truly deserve a round of applause for the great work they have done.

s.s.bisht Says

Hats off to all good Samaritans. My head bows for Dev Bhoomi and its people.