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Farmers of Uttarakhand are giving a dose of Honey Singh’s Music to Scare Wild Boars

by Pragati Chauhan
Dec 03, 2015

Who hasn’t listened to Honey Singh’s desi Bollywood rap songs, from “Char Bottle Vodka”, “High Heels”, “Blue Eyes Hypnotize” to “Love Dose”, each of his songs has gained mass publicity. But now his ‘Love Dose’ is being used by the farmers of Uttarakhand to scare wild boars. It may sound a bit weird to his hardcore fans, but it’s true!

The music of Honey Singh is keeping away wild boars who were invading the agricultural land:

The wild boars were causing havoc in the lives of the peasants by invading the agricultural lands and ruining their crops. Looking into this grave matter, the government declared them as pests and approved their killing. In spite of the government’s order, the farmers couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief as it the instinct of an animal to be evasive. The immensely troubled farmers then thought of a crazy idea and used music as a tool to keep their enemies from trespassing their land. It may sound crazy! But the farmers put up loudspeakers, playing the latest songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh and other Punjabi artists on full bass. This crazy act not only kept the wild boars away, but it also helped in getting rid of the other trouble making animals. This news soon spread like haywire in the nearby villages.

Bishan Jantwal, a 48 years old farmer at Dhari Village of Nainital district was rejoicing his victory over the wild boars, after installing the loudspeakers on his farmland. He was happy that his potato crop was saved. Bishan said, “I used to hear from elders in the house that wild animals avoid places where there is a human habitat. I thought of playing music to let them know of human presence. And it has worked”. The villagers installed logs and mounted the loudspeakers on it, which were then connected to the music systems of the houses, situated close to the farmlands. He further said, “Apart from party songs with high musical notes and loud beats, we also played bhajans which had a similar effect on the wild boars and other species like jackal, nilgai and others”.

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