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An Inspiring Documentary that people of Uttarakhand must watch

by Deepak Bisht
Aug 26, 2014

Lifelines – A short video portrait from the Himalayas

About Lifelines

Uttarakhand State has one of the highest unemployment rates in India. People of Uttarakhand struggle everyday and to earn a better living they are leaving behind their villages and settling down in cities to do odd jobs. This documentary by Ross Harrison show the struggle of one such man who went back to Uttarakhand and is creating a difference. An Inspiring Documentary that people of Uttarakhand must watch.

Life of an ordinary villager Makar Singh Negi, who goes back to Uttarakhand to create a difference. It is the story of one man’s struggles and hopes for himself and for his community. This movie have been shot in a village of Chamoli District, located at an altitude of 2500 mts with beautiful views of Himalayas and valleys.

About Shooting this film

This film comes out of long-term anthropological research conducted by Dr Jane Dyson since 2003. Jane first went to the village for her doctoral research, when she lived there for fifteen months. She has returned regularly ever since, including for a period of four months with her two children and her husband, Craig Jeffrey, with whom she now collaborates.

In March 2014, Jane took filmmaker Ross Harrison to the village for a couple of weeks. The short time frame, and the complications of shooting at high altitude (extreme weather, harsh light, short battery life in the intense cold etc) made for difficult work. Luckily they came away with the footage they had hoped for. They plan to produce a longer documentary for the village, as well as this film.

About Filmmakers

Dr Jane Dyson Dr Jane Dyson: is a Research Associate at the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford. Jane has worked in the village for over a decade. Her doctoral research in the village focused on children’s work and is published in a book by Cambridge University Press titled  ‘Working Childhoods: Youth, Agency and the Environment in India’.


Ross Harrison: is a freelance filmmaker from Oxfordshire, England. Ross Harrison His work includes documentaries, online commercials, music videos, events coverage and independent projects. He provides video production services for charities, research institutions, businesses and individual clients, and is an experienced director, camera operator and editor. Film making has taken him to Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and India.

Website: http://www.lifelinesfilm.com

Deepak Bisht

Simple Man with Simple Dreams. Promoting Uttarakhand Culture, Language and Tourism. Travel Enthusiast, Entrepreneur and eUttaranchal Co-Founder

19 Responses

pradeep singh negi Says

Great piece of work Jane and Ross, so simple yet very meaningful,
salute to your undying attitude and positivity.
may all your dreams come true.

Tribhuwan Singh Rana Says

Stunning work. The NTFPs and high value low volume plants species cultivation in such altitude emprove the life and enhance indigenous livehood. Help to gain higher education at least 2-5 persons from the local area. Later by providing some funds for awareness programs for the indigenous community and involve these trained persons in these awareness programs. Locals have much trust them than others and I think the rate of improvement of the villagers will improve. Also by providing some better literature, cloths and medicine boast the society.

Amrish Khurana Says

I agree but women play such a important role in keeping everything together, when men migrate to the cities for work, don’t tell me that they don’t deserve a say in this issue, when they are the one who do all the labor intensive work around the house, what about the struggle of a ordinary Women, when they are left alone to take care of the house as well as the farms.

Manoj Bhandari Says

Indeed, women are the backbone of Uttarakhand but the whole documentary is based on migration issue. The author is trying to show the life of an ordinary man from the hill and his struggle in the contrast of city and village life.

Amrish Khurana Says

It is a nice documentary, but from only Men point of view, and while watching this video, it feels like Women are totally dependent on men to do all the work, but in reality, the women of Uttarkhand are much more hardworking, strong, and entrepreneurial then most men, since they do all difficult intensive physical work, the literacy rate has gone up, mainly due to the Women of Uttarkhand, who insist of their Girls going to school and not just their Boys, and they should have been a important part of this documentary, rather then just smiling or singing in the background while men did all the talking.

Manmohan Rauthan Says

Really inspiring. we need to do something for this very situation.

Manish Negi Says

I love to be a part of this video. It is actual condition of our villagers. Thanks Jane didi as i call her. And special thanks for mr ross . Thanks for highlighting condition of todays pahar.

Manoj Bhandari Says

Hi Vipin, right now video is not available on our website because of privacy setting from video owner but you can watch this full video at this link http://www.lifelinesfilm.com/

vipin singh negi Says

then,,,..how to watch this video??

Ramesh Rawat Says

Great work and respect to Dr Jane Dyson and Ross Harrison for making this film. Special thanks to Makar Singh, you are real Hero. We are a bunch of guys trying to do similar things for Uttarakhand and rest of Himalayas. We need to share it with rest of mountain community. best wishes for your work!!

raju rawat Says

this is member of my village ramni uttrakahnd. it was really a very nice and heart touching video, thank’s whole team

Bhavna Negi Says

Heart-touching……. i am speechless, i promise my self one day i will definitely shift my self to UK and teach my brothers and sisters soon as I complete my NET. I hope Uttarakhand govt. look into the problems their are various problems….. roads are not der in may areas.. people have to walk miles just to reach the ration shops or any shops……….. aaj mein bi Mumbai mein na hoti. Mein yaha hu because my dady faced problems he left his studies and left his livelihood just to earn bread for him and his family.

Manish Gusain Says

I really like this inspirational documentary and Team has done a Great Job.
Hope We team will cover more this kind of issues in Himalayas Region (i.e. Kedarnath Life after flood )

Also a suggestion to eUttarakhand.com, that you guys are doing such a good job, please create an option for Whatsapp Sharing on Mobile View.


shailesh dhyani Says

This film is quite touching…. we are also from the same world…. everyday struggling for minute things… But we must learn to face the situations and convert them into opportunities….

I thank the whole team for such a awesome film and bringing before the world… the world in which we live… we born and we die without meaning…..

I salute the whole team…. Great Job…. God bless u all….

Sandeep Rawat Says

Really ,,,, touched my heart. Great reminiscence!!….
Salute to whole team for this creation…

Maniksha Gaur Says

Very nice work done Dr. Jane and team. This video shows the poor condition of uttarakhand villages. Being a born and brought of uttarakhand village i felt very sad that still the condition is very poor in hills. Government is doing nothing to improve the educational condition. This is the main reason for the migration to cities. There are many villages where still electricity does not reached. Its good to see Makar Singh like people are doing something good for there place and wish him all the best for future.

Anurag Singh Rana Says

Very nice … is about to touch the heart … I wish our government is able to see the video..
Greetings for Dev Bhoomi residents..
jai uttrakhand

Rachit Rawat Says

it was really a very nice and heart touching video, it showed us that instead of migrating we should be motivated towards development of our area and through community participation we can achieve anything that we want…

Neeraj Nagarkoti Says

i just love this video..it’s very heart touching…i want to give my best wishes to dr.jane & his team for making such motivating & inspirational video..