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Divine Lakhamandal Temple Handed Over to Locals after Renovation

by Pragati Chauhan
May 23, 2016

After the restoration, the state tourism has finally handed over the ancient Lakhamandal temple to the gram panchayat on Sunday so as to provide the locals with a source of income and livelihood. It has been speculated that the tourism department has spent more than 65 lakh in creating facilities such as parking space, renovation of main gate, railing, connecting roads, electricity and arrangements for water.

After the popular tourist attraction Tiger Falls adorned in Chakrata, this is the second most popular spot in tehsil which has been handed to the local community by the tourism department.

In an interview RK Joshi, the Director of Infrastructure of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board said, “We’ve spent around Rs 65 lakh in infrastructure renovation like four new gates for the temple, connecting road, toilet, parking for vehicles, water and electricity arrangements.”

The Lakhamandal Temple is located in the Jaunsar area of Chakrata tehsil. This ancient temple manifolds several Shivlingas that are located in the vicinity of a mystical cave, which according to the Hindu legends have been built during the 12 years exile of the Pandavas. The Shivlinga is made out of granite and is truly a sight to behold. When the devotees pour water on the Shivlinga it appears to be divine as the devotees can easily see their reflection on the Shivlinga.

Lakhamandal Temple

Babu Ram, Secretary of the Temple Committee said, “Even Sonia Gandhi visited this temple at the beginning of year. Plus, now that the Char Dham yatra is on, devotees on their way to Yamunotri will halt here.”

The Gram Pradhan, Suresh Sharma told, the temple is currently facing water shortage and there is a need for the proper arrangement of drinking water.

“The electricity problem has been solved with the renovation. I hope we get more facilities for drinking water,” said Sharma.

Source: TOI

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