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Lambi Dehar Mines: The haunted, abdandoned ruins near Mussoorie

by Abhay Aswal
May 16, 2017

Few kilometers from the lively and festive hill station of Mussoorie lies one of the most haunted places in Uttarakhand – Lambi Dehar Mines. A place of tragedy in the past, the spooky ruins of Lambi Dehar Mines have an eerie presence that still attract paranormal enthusiasts to this place. While the nature has taken over this place with trees and wild shrubs enveloping this place, the gruesome history behind these quarry mines will send chills down your spine.

According to the various sources, as many as 50,000 mine workers died an agonizing death due to the wrongful mining practices at the Dehar Mines in 1990. The workers, who used to live near the mines, died coughing blood due to lung diseases contracted while mining. Even after the shutting down of Lambi Dehar Mines, accidents and strange occurrences have been reported in the vicinity. Locals have reported sinister cry and wailing at night, presumably of those dead 50,000 workers who haunt the Dehar Mines. A witch is also believed to roam around near the mines at night. Scores of freak accidents and a helicopter crash near the mines only adds to the sinister aura of this remote place lost amidst the forest.

How to Reach Lambi Dehar Mines

The Lambi Dehar Mines are located on the outskirts of Mussoorie at a distance of 10 kms from the Mall Road. One can easily reach the haunted mines via personal vehicle as well as cabs and taxis.

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