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Little Harry Potter fans at Kalap Village of Uttarkashi recreated magic by playing Quidditch

by Pragati Chauhan
Feb 20, 2016

If there’s some kind of purple dust I guess it’s here in Uttarakhand:

Long gone are the days when we used to spread a mat and play with our dolls and kitchen sets. If back in 90’s somebody used to have a P.C and knew how to operate it, we would admire them with jaw dropped in awe. But these kids of Kalap village have done the unthinkable by breaking the stereotype that kids grown in the cities are much smarter than those born in the villages. This article will snub all such allegations.

Harry Potter Quidditch Game

Src: Facebook page of Anshoots Photography

Without any professional training and instructions of how to pose, the kids of Kalap village had produced lively pictures of Quidditch game as seen in Harry Potter flick:

Anshu Aggarwal, a 25-year-old freelancer photographer has brought a smile on the faces of the children residing in Kalap, a fairytale village adorned in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. This remote hill village is nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas and is only 200 km away from Dehradun. The rural kids of Kalap who had no idea about the other part of the world were shown Harry Potter series by Anshu to teach English on Sundays. The tiny tots were cast in a spell by the Harry Potter movies which had been Anshu’s favourite for many years.

Harry Potter Quidditch Game

Harry Potter Quidditch Game

With some broomsticks and one-foot high benches Anshu created magic for the kids and made them play a game of Quidditch:

When the kids told Anshu that they wished to become the wizards and witches. He grabbed his camera along with some household stuff and thought of giving wings to their dream through levitation photography. Looking at their skills, even Madam Hooch would have thought of including them on her team if she would have seen such enthusiasm. The beautiful pictures produced by him are becoming viral on Facebook and Harry Potter fans are going gaga over it.

Harry Potter Quidditch GameHarry Potter Quidditch Game

The man behind the camera:

Anshu Agarwal who recreated the game of Quidditch as seen in Harry Potter movie is a 25-year-old photographer who is working as a teacher with an NGO in Kalap Village of Uttarkashi district. In an interview with The News Minute, he said, “Many children of Kalap village clustered around in different locations of the hamlet for 4 consecutive Sundays as I captured them hopping on their broomsticks. The images were then stacked together and edited in Photoshop.” The bewitching pictures that he captured in the eye of his camera have been shared on his Facebook Anshoots Photography page and they are truly mesmerizing.

Harry Potter Quidditch Game

Harry Potter Quidditch Game

Thanks to Mr Anand Sankar and Kalap Trust who gave wings to these little champs:

The secret behind these adorable smiles is Kalap Trust, which is working in the region for the better future of these children. And the force behind all this creativity is ‘Anand Sankar’ who has devoted himself to that area. During a Facebook conversation, Reenu Paul informed to us that “He lives there and work with these children with full devotion. He has opened this school, has recently opened a health care centre and is diligently working with the villagers on so many issues. These children have received education from Kalap Trust which has enabled them to reach this level. If proper guidance and good education will be provided in the inner Himalayas, then every child can stand out like these children and can do wonderfully well.”

Harry Potter Quidditch GamePhotos: Facebook page of Anshoots Photography

Facebook Page of Kalap Trust :


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