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5 Must Buy Souvenirs From Uttarakhand- Crafted With Love

by Archana
Mar 11, 2020

If you are Uttarakhand’s native and the state’s rich culture is deeply hooked on to your heart, however due to sincere reasons you can’t afford reappearing in your hometown, don’t be bothered. There are few souvenirs available just for you that will glue you to your roots and can be used as products of daily use, unlike other showpieces which has nothing to do with your routine lives.

These 5 below mentioned souvenirs from Uttarakhand will act as a bridge between you and your culture;

Fridge Magnets

Fridge is the essential element of daily lives; can you imagine this basic element has the potential of taking you back to your childhood days? You will certainly enjoy seeing an image of your cultural attraction on a daily basis when you add one of these colorful, high-quality adhesive magnets to your fridge magnet collection. These fridge magnets are designed by Cultural Trends. To buy visit https://www.culturaltrends.in/

T-shirt with ‘Bedu Pako Bara Masa’ Print

To buy visit- https://www.culturaltrends.in/

This souvenir T-shirt, with the print of ‘Bedu Pako’, the cultural anthem of Uttarakhand is definitely going to evoke a strong homecoming sentiment in Pahadi folks.  It is also the representative tune of the Garhwal Rifles and the Kumaon Regiment. This folk song is so impulsive that it reflects the natural beauty, the changing seasons and traditions that are linked to the lives of people of Kumaon and Garhwal. Don’t wait for another minute and buy it right away from https://www.culturaltrends.in/

Nanda Series – Mugs, Magnets, T-shirts, Hoods

Nanda- the most common name in Uttarakhand is soon on the verge of becoming the unofficial mascot of this state. This character came into life by the efforts and initiatives of euttaranchal.com. The souvenirs of Uttarakhand is incomplete without the mention of ‘Nanda’. The products in Nanda series varies, like mugs, fridge magnets, phone pop-up holders, T-shirts and Hoods. Visit https://www.culturaltrends.in/

Chaa Pi Lata’ Mug

To buy visit- https://www.culturaltrends.in/

If you are a Pahadi this phrase ‘Cha Pi Lata’ plays utmost role in taking you back to the days, when your granny used to offer you tea/milk. Wouldn’t you love to add to your early morning’s tea a flavor of your hometown? This mug is specially designed to give a cultural start to your day. Buy https://www.culturaltrends.in/product/chai-pi-lata-mug

Dagadiya T-shirt- A Recommendation

To buy visit- https://www.culturaltrends.in/

This “DAGADIYA” T-Shirt celebrates the spirit of friendship as this word itself say. It can be bought for the friends you dance madly with, for cousins you grew up with, for colleagues who make your day great. This is the perfect group t-shirt one could ask for. This Unisex T-Shirt is 100% Cotton. visit https://www.culturaltrends.in/product/dagadiya-black to buy.


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