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Namah Nainital – Monsoon Mountain Marathon

by Manoj Bhandari
Aug 22, 2016

Are you holding a mobile phone and scrolling down on social media and posting unnecessary stuff about Olympic that being an over-populated country we are still struggling for one gold medal? if yes, then you are equally responsible for this as most of us don’t support sports in our country. It’s a bitter truth that we ignore our health and fitness by not including sports in our daily routine.

Marathon – A perfect way to spread awareness about health and fitness

Currently, we are living in a so-called developed society where showing-off is everything. If our neighbours are trying something new then we will also try it. Media is the main source from where we get influenced. So why don’t we use it for a noble cause? Now-days Marathons are getting popular day by day as society, celebrities, sponsors, etc are supporting it and it is good for our health too :)

About Namah Nainital – Monsoon Mountain Marathon

This Marathon is a joint effort of ‘Namah Nainital’ resort and organization called ‘Run to Live’. Last year the marathon was also organized by ‘Run to live’ as they have a good experience of organizing such mega events. Also, the host city of Marathon is Nainital so its a good chance to enjoy beauty of nature with health.

How to Register?

All the details like Registration fees, how to register and location details are available at this link http://www.euttaranchal.com/events/namah-nainital-monsoon-mountain-marathon

Direct link for online booking is: https://www.townscript.com/e/7th-nmm-marathon-2016

Date, Timing and Location of Nainital Monsoon Mountain Marathon

Date of Nainital Monsoon Mountain Marathon is 28 Aug 2016. The marathon will start at sharp 7:30 am from Band Stand, Nainital.

Category and Registration fee:

The Marathon is divided into three categories-:
1. Open Men- 21km
2. Open Women- 10km
3. Run for Fun- 4km

The registration fee for the marathon is 1000/- . The last date of Registration is 26th Aug 2016.

Manoj Bhandari

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