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Old Vintage Post Cards of Mussoorie that You’ll find Nowhere else

by Pragati Chauhan
Jul 02, 2016

With the introduction of new technologies and social media sites somewhere down the line, we have left the habit of communicating through postcards and letters. While remembering that golden era we cannot forget the excitement of receiving a postcard from our loved ones which used to have a picture of the holiday destination and a written note behind. But now these things have become the talk of the past. So today let’s refresh those memories and take you back to the golden days when receiving a postcard would bring cheer joy on our faces. If you have ever been to Mussoorie you probably know how much things have changed over the years but if you didn’t then check out these old Mussoorie postcards and find the difference yourself.

The Mussoorie Bazaar in 1887 had fewer shops and more buyers.

Mussoorie Bazaar now have more shops and few buyers.

The Mall in 1897 was a sleeping beauty indeed.

Now, The Mall doesn’t even sleep at night.

The Criterion, Mussoorie during British Rule was an isolated place.

Now, The Criterion is one of the busiest places of Mussoorie.

Kempty Falls at Mussoorie was a peaceful and secluded place way back then.

Kempty Falls now is over-flooded with tourists and huge business thrives around it.

Happy Valley was indeed a happy valley, when there was very little interference of the mortals.

Happy Valley is green and serene even today, but not as quiet as it used to be.

In the early days, the Old Buildings of Mussoorie used to boast about its great architecture.

Now, the new buildings have erased the lustre of the Old Buildings of Mussoorie as one can hardly notice them.

The Kulri market at Mussoorie seems to be in sleep mode in this picture.

Now, the Kulri market is sleepy only in pictures but in reality, it has become a shoppers stop.

This is how Mussoorie’s Band Stand looked in the good old days.

Mussoorie’s Band Stand is as glorious as it was in the past but only the lucky ones can get a seat to relax here.

View of Landour Bazaar of Mussoorie in the old times.

Landour Bazaar is still quiet as compared to the other attractions of Mussoorie.

A picturesque view of the quaint hills of Mussoorie in 1887.

A panoramic view of Mussoorie now shows how the greenery is diminishing and the hotels are flourishing at a fast pace.

The picture of Back Road, Mussoorie taken in 1887.

The zig-zag roads of Mussoorie are now posing a threat to the hills as there are more chances of avalanche during the monsoon season.


Pragati Chauhan

A writer by profession, thinker by choice and a nature lover since birth. I have always loved expressing myself through words, I believe words have a certain kind of melody which can be understood by anybody.

5 Responses

Anoop Singh Says

Nice! I kept loving memories in my heart too we all brothers grown in the lap of mussoorie ,it’s amazing and blessed of nature that how many years we lived in. later we completed education after father retirement we moved to Delhi .still attached in my heart and forever I’m personally feel that nature is beautiful ,it takes care of us and we have to take care of it like our family member..

DrShashank Misra Says

Mam so much thank you for providing such wide historical knowledge…I am a regular visitor to mussorie and loves to go to history regarding this.
Dr Shashank misra

Vipin Says

Came back from Mussoori today. Visited for the first time. Could locate few old structures. Imgined how old mall road would look. Same as given in photo.


Gautam Sabnis Says

Visiting Mussoorie for the first time. Wanted to see some old pics and came across this comparison. Nicely done. Other hill stations are undergoing the same fate. We’re destroying ourselves.. Albiet at a slow pace. Gautam Sabnis Pune

Ishwar suthar Says

Good job Dear Pragati. I really appreciate it, your work is incredible, Hope it will keep its pace.
Thank you.