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An Otherworldly Cave discovered in Tyuni area of Dehradun district

by Pragati Chauhan
Nov 29, 2016

In the less trodden Tyuni area of Dehradun district, an otherworldly cave has been discovered by some shepherds. This mystical cave is around 15-20 feet tall and about 7 km long. The inhabitants of Gorcha village situated about 3 km away from the site are associating the cave with the era of Pandavas, who spend their 13 years of exile in the Jaunsar-Bawar region.

Some old drawings of shivlings and other Hindu deities can be seen on the walls of this cave that remind us of a similar cave found in the Lakhamandal area, long ago. The villagers have named the cave as Bihar Gufa and have informed the Archaeological Survey of India about it.

Vijay Pal Singh Rawat, the former district Panchayat member said, “The drawings on the walls suggest the formation of shivlings on the wall. The water of the cave is dripping over them”. He further said, “The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) must resolve the mystery behind it and conserve this site”.

According to some sources, the villagers are quite happy with the discovery of this cave and some have even started worshipping in it. While others believe that if proper measures will be taken by the government to maintain this site, then it can surely attract several tourists and research fellows towards it.

However when TOI contacted Lily Dhasmana, superintendent of Dehradun ASI circle, she said, “We are unable to comment on the veracity of this cave unless our team visits the site. It is only possible after the Parliament session gets over, as many of our officials are engaged there and we have limited manpower that isn’t enough to examine the area and give a verdict on it”.

Src timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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