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10 Ultimate Pahadi Food Habits

by Abhay Aswal
Dec 26, 2016

We Love Phuka Hua Bhaat

Pahadi Food Habbits

We know the perfect taste of Jaggery with tea

Pahadi Food Habbits

Normal Salt? Naaaa

Pahadi Food Habbits

Because Coke and Pepsi are too old fashioned

Pahadi Food Habbits

Because Jakhya is our kitchen’s Hero

Pahadi Food Habbits

Pahadi aur Shikar, jaise do purane yaar

Pahadi Food Habbits

Tea is in our blood

Pahadi Food Habbits

Gharrya ‘Ghee’ hi asli ‘Ghee’

Pahadi Food Habbits

Don’t try this at Home

Pahadi Food Habbits

Abhay Aswal

A cartoonist who enjoys doodling. Enjoys writing, movies and art. And football. And sarcasm. And travelling.

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2 Responses

Pooja Pandey Says

just love this article , relatable enough.. :-D

Himanshu Bisht Says

This is an incredible article . I enjoyed it. E-uttrakhand can become the voice of Uttrakhand just have need to struggle.
E-Uttrakhand Team i have request from you, why don’t you launch a E-Uttrakhand application, perhaps it will be beneficial for all the uttrakhandies and they can get any kind of information about Uttrakhand.

Thanks & Regards
Himanshu Bisht