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You Won’t Believe these Pahadi Songs are Sung by Famous Singers of Bollywood

by Pragati Chauhan
May 12, 2016

We are listening Pahari songs for ages but do you know there are few Garhwali and Kumaoni songs which have been sung by the nightingales of Bollywood. Yes! It’s true, some of the ace singers of Bollywood have lent their melodious voice to the Pahari songs. So from next time, while hosting a party entertain your guests by playing these songs and let all the cool nauna-nauni’s tip-tap their toes on the mellifluous music. Check out these marvellous Pahari songs sung by the renowned singers of Bollywood and let your friends know about it. Feel proud of your rich culture whose dew drops have been tasted by the biggies Bollywood, so don’t be deprived of it.

Man Bharmaige Meru Song by Lata Mangeskar

Movie: Raibar

Old Video of this song:

Meri Duty Bordra Song by Udit Narayan

Album Name: Meri Duty Bordra

Jyunyali Ratein Song by Udit Narayan

Jai Nanda Adishakti Song by Sonu Nigam

Apni Taun Sharmiyali Akhiyun Song by Suresh Wadkar

Janamu Ku Sath Song by Asha Bhosle

Song: Geet Lana Taandi Bal Song by Anuradha Paudwal

Movie: Chakrachaal

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