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Tehri Nath ‘A valuable asset for Garhwali brides’

by Pragati Chauhan
Feb 17, 2016

When a Garhwali bride shows up in her bridal dress the spectators turn their heads in order to have a glimpse of the most prominent ornament of Garhwal that is the ‘Tehri Nath’ which is also known as ‘Nathuli’ in Garhwali dialect.

Tehri Nath, the charm of Garhwali women:

Tehri Nath or ‘Nathuli’ is the charm of Garhwali women which is known for its elegant style. It is a big nose ring which is crafted with gold and pearl beads. The ornament is moulded beautifully in the shape of a moon. Tehri Nath is worn by the women of Garhwal and is famous for its artistic value. The craze of Tehri Nath is such that people are very much curious to see the bride adorning the exquisite nath.

The importance of Tehri Nath:

People of Uttarakhand are deeply rooted in their culture and regard the Tehri Nath as an important ornament, which depicts their rich culture. The uniqueness of Tehri Nath is that it is adorned by both urban and rural women of the Garhwal. This traditional jewellery is an example of the solidarity, ethics and traditional values imbibed in the older as well as younger generations.

The famous nath of Tehri Garhwal

Photo Credit: Facebook Page of Shastri Lalmani Bhatt

The nath is considered as a souvenir of the wedding:

Tehri Nath is one of the precious ornaments of Uttarakhand which is worn at the time of marriage, social gatherings, puja, family functions and other important occasions. The weight and the number of pearls embellished in a nath are associated with the status of the family of the bride.

The bigger, the better Nath:

The nath is not only heavy but is considered as a priced possession for the bride. The family of the bride does not mind spending a whopping amount of Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 ranging according to the design and amount of gold used in it.

The nath complements well on every face and its charm increase the beauty of a woman:

Garhwali Women Wearing Tehri Nath

Figurine of a Garhwali woman wearing Tehri Nath. Photo credit: facebook page of Uttarakhand Fashion Festival

The Tehri Nath not only reflects the richness of Garhwali culture but it is also famous for its elegant look. At present, many non-Garhwali brides are embracing it for its graceful appearance. Now, adorning a Tehri Nath in the wedding has become a fashion. During ‘baan’ and other wedding ceremonies many Garhwali ladies dress up in their traditional attires and flaunt their exquisite Tehri Naths.

The shape of Tehri Nath has altered with time:

According to the taste of the modern brides the shape of Tehri Nath has changed over the years. The modern designs are in demand but the traditional nath looks more beautiful as they have a touch of Garhwali culture. With the changing era, a lot of new designs have been introduced in the market. These designs are improvised according to the modern taste of the brides. Currently, there are more than 50 unique designs of Tehri Nath available in the market. As a lot of girls found it difficult to wear the enormously big and heavy piece of jewellery, now the same designs are available in new patterns.

The nath is a gift to the bride from her maternal uncle:

According to the traditions followed by Garhwali people, the maternal uncle of the bride gifts the nath to the bride on her wedding day. It is worn at the time of Ganesh Puja when the bride is adorned with all the wedding jewellery. After wearing the Tehri Nath, the bride and groom take their vows in front of the fire which signifies union.

Tehri Nath

A beautiful design of famous ‘Tehri Nath’ of Uttarakhand. Photo credit: Anil Chauhan/facebook

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