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Tired Of Travelling In A Group? Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Solo Trip

by Archana
Feb 26, 2020

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Voyagers wandering in their own companies and enjoying their itineraries in the absence of another soul, plying in public or private vehicles amidst the highlands or on the highways, are called solo travelers.

Such expeditions are on the rise since yester years as young explorers have started to find pleasure and peace in tripping solo, and the motivation behind opting it can be given reasons, such as, having no one to travel with, to find complete isolation from crowded cities and people, to get freedom of doing anything anytime which one can’t afford while being in a group.

However, some folks don’t consider solo travel even an option, due to worries, about it being unexciting, unsociable, risky and even some goes to another level by expressing their grief of no one will be around to click their snaps.

And yet solo travel can actually be one of the most rewarding method to travel. So, let us know some benefits of travelling all alone in your own company.

Enjoy Your Complete Freedom!

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Tripping solo in wider sense is advantageous in terms of independence and freedom. With freedom I mean complete freedom which is free from restrictions of both thoughts and actions. You will have no one to listen to, freedom of talking to whoever you like, going anywhere you aspire. Additionally, food choice will be your own, dressing choice will be your own, you can drink whatever you like, nor you have to drink any alcohol which in pressure you sometimes take while you are in a group.

Moreover, in a group people have differences of opinions and choices, for ex one wants to travel to some other place wherein you are not at all interested in visiting. So, traveling solo can help you escape all this rubbish.

Solo Trips Are Confidence Boosters!

For someone who has never traveled alone in his/her entire lifetime and is scared as crap of safety concerns, majorly lacks confidence, solo trip is essential for that somebody, as it is an excellent booster of confidence. Traveling solo gives you sureness that you are skilled enough to make your own deals, bargain for your own self, and it gives you an opportunity to trust your own analytical as well as communication skills.  

You Learn A Great Deal! 

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There is no pain but only gain in opting to travel all alone as it is a great learning experience for an individual in every aspect. If one travel alone he/she learn a great deal about how to manage their own traveling expenses, what route to follow, which transportation facility to pursue, how to build contacts and most important it will teach one complete independence.

Talk To Complete Strangers And Make Friends With Them!

Have you ever wondered that if you make a list of people you meet or come across during your vacation, you will be shocked to see the number, but normally when we are with somebody we don’t care to talk to them or if we do care to talk, making them friends is a rare occurrence. Solo trip gives you that opportunity wherein you talk to complete strangers as you have no company, you get to know them more and eventually you end up sharing them your Whatsapp number.    

Find The Real Pleasure And Peace

I have heard maximum people uttering that they want to devote a quality time only to themselves, but rarely they get to do it, as they are always indulged in group activities and there is no escape from it. Solo trip is the best option for you to spend some quality time with yourself, visit exotic locations, especially Uttarakhand where one can find eternal peace, safety and ultimate pleasure.

What are you waiting for? Plan your weekend to spend in your own company. These above-mentioned benefits are good enough to make you fall for solo trips, still after reading this you have doubts, then I am afraid nothing can change your mind. 😉


Unlike spoken words written expressions and feelings remain loyal forever, so I thought why not become a writer and make my words immortal.

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