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CM envisions a “Green Uttarakhand” by launching an electric bicycle

by Pragati Chauhan
Dec 05, 2015

On December 3, 2015, Chief Minister Harish Rawat tested an electric bicycle launched by Indian-American businessman and social worker Manoj Bhargava at Bijapur guest house. Manoj Bhargava is the maker of worldwide popular Five Hour Energy Drink and, also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Living Essential. The electric bicycle can produce sufficient electricity for 24 hours, by paddling for one hour, which can be used for the household purpose.

The electric bicycle can produce power which will last for more than 24 hours:

With a vision of “Green Uttarakhand”, the Chief Minister addressed the gathering and said, he was immensely happy with the outcome of the multi-purpose electric bicycle. This electric bicycle will be a blessing for the people of the state and for those residing in the hilly areas. Rawat told that the low-priced electric bicycle will be beneficial for the middle-class families as it will produce domestic electricity, which can be used for several household purposes.

Harish Rawat said, “Uttarakhand houses nearly 500 villages which are deprived of electricity as supply is unavailable. Hence, providing a source of sustainable energy will be the priority of the state government”. The Chief Minister appreciated the efforts of Bhargava and said, he is hopeful that he will use his knowledge and skills to develop irrigation as well as tourism sectors of the state.

Src: tribuneindia

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