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10 Reasons Why Village Tours Should Be On Your 2020 Goals

by Archana
Mar 07, 2020
Sankri village
photo by Euttaranchal.com

Ever given a thought, on ‘how memorizing it would be to stay in those villages that you often observe from your car glasses?

Villages located at some of the exotic locations symbolise eternal bliss. The Village tourism not only showcases the unique and treasured heritage but also enhance the economy of that region. That’s the reason many Travel and Tourism Companies offer Village Tourism Packages for enthusiasts.

So, this article is about giving you an insight on why you should totally go for a multi-village tour rather than a celebrated destination.

Stay In Complete Peace And Tranquillity

A peaceful village
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The eminent tourist hubs are continuously active and noisy, packed with lot of vehicles and humans. However, in villages, you never ought to stress about these clatters, as population is meagre. Get intense sleep at night and enjoy a quiet stroll at daytime.

Economic Benefit For Villagers

Poor Pahadi women carrying wood to cook meals
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It will be just per night’s hotel room rent for you, and won’t make a big difference, but it can feed the entire family for more than 2 weeks. Do a village tour and contribute in improving the economy and standard of living of that particular region.

Familiarize Yourself With Local Culture

8 child Bhadani fest in kutti
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Every village has a story to tell about their religious beliefs, myths and legends associated with it, traditional ceremonies and values. You get a golden chance to Observe their diversified lifestyle and rich culture, which otherwise in celebrated tourist spot you might miss.

Unexplored Natural Beauty

Magnificent natural beauty
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Villages offers hidden natural treasure, overlooking hills, snow clad peaks and river streams that are unexplored and untouched, and the diversified flora and fauna that sometimes is missing in busy tourists’ spots.

Get To Meet Friendly Villagers

Friendly Pahadi folks of Jaunpur village
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The admirable harmony, simplicity and hospitality among the villagers is something that will make one feel at home. Village tour opens the door for you to meet the friendly villagers as well as it will make you familiar with their lifestyles, cultures, languages, livelihood and attire.

Villages Are Much Safer

There is no vehicular traffic in villages but cattle
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Much more vehicles in a busy tourist destination, can result in frequent traffic mishaps. Whereas in villages there’s no such fear. Another component is, Individuals living in cities are more vulnerable to illnesses due to the sedentary lifestyle and fast-food intake.

Gaze Stars In Clear Night Sky

Clear village night sky
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What you can see in busy towns are only sparking lights from various houses and vehicles but not stars and moon. However, in village area, you could embrace a clear night sky with thousands of stars twinkling.

Stay In Traditional Cosy Homes

Traditional Pahadi house architecture
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Though celebrated and frequently visited hubs might benefit you in terms of facilities such as shops, medication, hotel choices, but ‘change is always needed,’ so, instead of staying in cramped space of a 3 men tent, you stay at warm cosy wooden houses with the families residing in the village.  

Explore Local Cuisine

Pahadi Thali
Photo by Euttaranchal.com

Apart from routine menu, you can explore the local cuisine at the home-stay cooked by the elderlies. You would be amazed to know that they cook such delicious meals without using any spices.

Lot Of Content Available

A Pahadi old man- a good subject for Photography
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If you are a blogger, youtuber or an instagrammer, you have excess of content available in these villages. It offers natural setup even for a film shoot. The locals are so participative that you will not require any outsider help.  


Unlike spoken words written expressions and feelings remain loyal forever, so I thought why not become a writer and make my words immortal.

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