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Planning a Solo trip? These 5 places in Uttarakhand won’t disappoint you

by Archana
Feb 27, 2020

If your profession of nine to five job (six for some) is so gruelling and the craving to spend extraordinary quality time just with yourself is so intimidating that it can’t be overlooked. Relax a bit and extract some break away from the hustle and bustle of city crowd, pack your bags and go on a solo trip to a peaceful paradise- Uttarakhand.

I have picked some indeed noiseless, amiable and easy-going locations in Uttarakhand just for you. Enjoy the mesmerising views and indulge in some trekking, nature walks, temple tours and wildlife. Trust me you won’t regret it 😊


Photo by- https://www.uttarakhand.org.in/chopta-2

Either you are a girl or boy, Chopta is one such venture which completes your list of solo travel destinations. Why? Because it is a complete package, which guarantees safety, exceptionally amazing natural beauty, widely celebrated trekking points, rare flora and fauna, and lots of options in terms of your stay.

Things to do in Chopta- Trek to Chandrashila, Tungnath and Deoria tal, camp amidst the dense forest, spot rare Himalayan birds especially Monal, bath in crystal clear river waters and make a snowman if you want or just do nothing and watch snow covered peaks.


Photo by- https://uttarakhandtourism.gov.in/accommodation/pinewood-cottage-pangot/

Away from the commotion of Nainital city, Pangot is indeed a destination which is perfectly fit for a solo trip, as solo travellers always demand two things, one is complete isolation and the other is facilities(medication, food, market, etc) at the near proximity, and Pangot fulfils both these conditions, as it is a spot which offers complete seclusion and at just 12km distance is positioned Nainital market. Isn’t this amazing?  

Things to do in Pangot- stay at mesmerizing wooden cottages, watch rare Himalayan birds, go to natural trails and adventure exercises, and simply just enjoying eating Maggie and sun basking.  


Photo by- https://www.euttaranchal.com/tourism/munsiyari.php

Munsiyari is a magnificent hamlet of Kumaon amidst the Panchachuli peaks, and a treasure for solo travellers as its beauty is beyond perfection which will fill you with ultimate divinity. The roads to Munsiyari, especially after the beautiful Birthi Falls are just incredible but even dangerous. It’s a personal suggestion, don’t miss this place at any cost.

Things to do in Munsiyari- Trek to Khulia top and zero point (which gives complete 360-degree view of Panchachuli peaks), trek to Thamri kund (a must go to spot), visit Birthi falls and spot endangered species of Himalayan Vultures and don’t miss getting wet in unseasonal rains.   


Photo by- https://uttarakhandtourism.gov.in/destination/khirsu/

Solo travelling in Khirsu is quite famous because of its Gorgeous hills, apple orchards, oak, pine and deodar forests. The main beauty is the heritage temples which make Khirsu one of the best places for solo travel to Uttarakhand. Perfect for voyagers, trekkers and landscape enthusiasts; Khirsu assists you in finding the ultimate tranquil and solace.

Things to do in Khirsu: Visit Jwalpa Devi temple, Ghandiyal Devi temple and trek up to Ulka Ghari. Enjoy mesmerizing hills and sunset views, nature tracks and of course bird watching.


Photo by- https://uttarakhandtourism.gov.in/destination/mukteshwar/

The safest and peaceful destinations that I have ever been to in Uttarakhand, solo travelling here is recommended as it offers enriched natural beauty. Every season here unfolds a surprise, spring season will make you witness apple laden trees along side the roads, winters will show you white blanket of snow and monsoon will let you touch its clouds. If the skies are clear you can grasp the view of snow-covered peaks.

Things to do in Mukteshwar: visit Chauli ki Jali, take bath in Bhalu Gaad waterfall, eat apples during the season, and don’t forget to take some real good selfies, to make your friends feel jealous.  

Add all these above-mentioned destinations to your bucket list and share your experience after visiting these heavens, and thanks me later.  But if you are doubtful whether you should go for a solo trip or not, read this, it might help- https://www.euttarakhand.com/tired-of-travelling-in-a-group-heres-5-reasons-why-you-should-try-solo-trip


Unlike spoken words written expressions and feelings remain loyal forever, so I thought why not become a writer and make my words immortal.

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